Jasmyne and Charles are expecting their little girl any day now.  After a couple rain delays we were finally able to head over to Dreher Park and capture her beautiful pregnancy.  I am super excited for this wonderful couple and can’t wait to meet their little princess!



I’ve photographed Ms. Nichole and her son Jayden once before but I must say I’ve never seen the two of them so happy as I did the other day when I photographed them for their engagement session to Nichole’s finance, Jake. I know first hand about blended families and with these 3 they are as natural as they come.
Jayden was excited to do his part in the photos. A smile wether genuine or goofy was never hard to come by with this kid.  As for Ms. Nichole, her smile from ear to ear never went missing.  Whenever I told Jake to look at his new family to be, all you could see was the love and excitement in his face.
Best wishes to this wonderful trio!


I got to photograph this little cutie yesterday. Little Reeve is 3 weeks old and he joins a family with a 2 year old sister and 2 high school age brothers (and 2 really cute turtles!).  I was so fortunate to not only photograph his newborn photos but his mom’s maternity portraits just a few weeks prior to his arrival.
He fought like a champ to stay awake during his photo shoot. He was just so curious as to what was going on. He finally passed out when we went outside into the warm weather. Hope Mama enjoys all her kids this Mother’s Day but especially this little peanut as they tend to grow so quick!

Here’s a sneak peak at little Reeve’s newborn portrait session….


Our little monkey turned a year and half on April 10th.  I seriously can’t believe it.
I still remember what it felt like as he was punching away at my insides.

At a year and a half he is nothing less than a handful but oh so much fun.  He has so much personality. Always laughing and smiling.  He’s figured out how to move things around the house to climb and stand on them which has made toddler proofing even more challenging.

He’s still obsessed with his Signing Time videos. He’s learned so much from them and continues to surprise us every day with all that he’s picking up.  He can say and sign an abundance of words.
He loves to fill up his own cups of water with our water machine. He loves to help out around the house. He’s a pro at cleaning up. He’s obsessed with shoes, more so over sized ones such as mine, dada’s or big brother’s.  He loves his accessories such as his hat, bracelets and he’s warming up to sun glasses.
He’s extremely observant and catches on to things quickly. He loves baths and to swim with Nana and Bobo at their pool.  He loves the outdoors so we spend most of our days scouting out parks. Near or far, it doesn’t matter we’ll travel to check out a new slide and swing.

He’ll try and eat almost anything. However, his favorite fruit is watermelon, his favorite snack is cheese (any kind) and like the rest of the Rose boys, he dislikes tomatoes.  He’s determined to use utensils and he’s been doing really well with his fork. He loves his puzzles and gadgets. Just like his mom when she was little, he loves to push his wooden duckie or pull his plastic wagon when we go for our afternoon walks.  And don’t ever think you can let out a toot around this kid without him calling you out on it! He’ll let everyone know you did a “tinky” (stinky)

I could spend all day babbling about this little man. We all love him to pieces and enjoy watching him grow, although that really needs to stop.


“Her name was Lola, she was a show dog. With pretty flowers in her hair and sunglasses to spare…”

When Ms. Caron called me up and said she had a bit of an unusual photo shoot for me, I had no idea what I was about to get myself into.  She told me her dog, Lola Sunshine was an Instagram celebrity and after checking out her IG, there was no doubt she truly was a star.


On our first afternoon of shooting, I arrived at the Brazilian Court Hotel in Palm Beach to find little Ms. Sunshine herself lounging by the pool in her pink sunglasses with a cosmo by her side. From that point on I knew this was going to be so much fun!

“If you think this is cute, you should see the cabana boy” said little miss Lola.  She’s such a flirt! 


After relaxing by the pool, Lola decided she wanted to hit up the famous Worth Ave.
She changed into something a little more Palm Beach appropriate and we hit the streets.

Decked out in her Heremes handbag and scarf we shopped the stores of Worth Ave.
Everywhere we went, people stopped to take pictures of Lola and talk to her owner.  Lola made sure to give out her business card to her admirers.

Shopping and all the attention was exhausting and little Ms. Lola needed to relax again. So we headed to the beach. A trip to Palm Beach requires a stop at the famous Worth Ave. clock tower and some time with your paws up in the sand.

By the time we were done with the beach, Lola was ready for dinner. We stopped by the famous Ta-boo to meet up with some friends for a cocktail before heading back to the Brazilian Court for a candle lit dinner.



The next day, Lola met up with a new girlfriend of hers that she met while staying in the hotel.
After some girl time by the pool they decided to take some pretty pink Lilly Pulitzer bikes out to the streets.  We all peddled around Palm Beach for a bit (yes we all did… I’ve done some crazy things for photo shoots but I never thought I’d be on a bike with a sun glass, dress wearing dog)

Lola desired to do more shopping so she hit up her favorite boutiques, Style Paris and Jennifer Miller for a new pair of shoes and earrings. Of course it wouldn’t be shopping in Palm Beach without a glass of champagne by her side.

I know I had a blast with Little Lola Sunshine and from the looks of things she sure did as well.
I’m super sad to see her leave Florida and head back to her home state of Illinois.
I sure hope next time she’s in town she looks me up!

You can follow Lola’s travels and stardom on IG and Facebook @little_lola_sunshine

H o l i d a y   S p e c i a l ! !