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fun in the rain....

The summer started off pretty dry, I was beginning to think we weren't going to see any of the thunder storms South Florida is known for. I was wrong. For the past weeks the storm clouds roll in come late afternoon. My 3 year old was never a fan of going out in the rain. However, at the start of the summer I saw these awesome fire fighter rain boots in Target. Ever since we had a fire in our neighborhood and he got to witness a brigade of firetrucks and fire fighters put out a car fire, my little Lucas has been obsessed with anything rescue worker related. So when I came home with fire fighter rain boots, rainy days took on a whole new meaning. They meant it was time to put on his fire boots and go find some "mud puddles" as he likes to call them, to splash in.

This particular afternoon, Lucas was joined by another, older, neighborhood kid. One watches Paw Patrol the other football. They didn't care that their skin colors are different. What they were wearing wasn't a factor. What they believe in wasn't a thought. They didn't know much about one another. In fact they just had met. All they knew was it was raining, it was hot out and nothing at the time was more fun than splashing around in a big summer puddle. If only we could all get along like kids do.

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