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Frequently Asked Questions:

When will my session be held? 
Great question! All sessions are booked during that beautiful time they call "The Golden Hour".  The Golden hour is 1-2 hour prior to sunset so the actual time varies according to the season.  
Feel free to contact me for detail or check out this handy
Sun Rise / Sun Set site.
If for some reason this time doesn't work out for you please contact me and we can discuss different options. 

Where should I print my beautiful images?

Like most professional photographers, I recommend a professional print lab such as the one I have partnered up with via my website.
Not all print labs are created equal and unfortunately you may receive a photo that looks nothing like what is in your online gallery.
I only stand by prints printed through my website.


- For those of you lucky enough to get your pictures taken by Curly Girl click the link above and head to the Client Gallery page to check out your awesome portraits.

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