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first cake smash

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

My little man recently celebrated his 1st birthday! I can't believe it. I not sure if it's because I'm older or it's the presence of kids but time sure does seem to fly by.

I attempted this cake smash on my own with the "help" of my almost 4 year old. Of with August comes south Florida's crazy weather. We were 4 days out from his actual birthday and the weather was more unpredictable then usual. I finally made a go for it one afternoon. Grab baby T, his outfit and headed to Publix to blow up balloons and grab a smash cake. (I forgot to grab a change of clothes or towels to clean up with but that's another story). My aggressive little Leo knew just what to do with his cake. No stopping or pausing on his part. In fact he barely gave me time to get back to my camera and position myself before he was wrist deep in his cake. Pounding and smashing it into the pavement and smothering all over his face. What a mess! But a hilarious mess. Behind me my other little one kept asking "When can I have cake mom?" Finally I said ok kid, go help your brother!

Thanks to Publix, Tyler had 2 cake smash sessions. When I ordered his birthday cake for his party a few days later they gave me a free cake smash cake as well. This time I decided to have fun in my in home studio. It's just been too hot this August to attempt to go back out with 2 little ones. I adore these pictures but oh I did not enjoy the clean up! Not only did I wash the floor, my husband had to do it again when he came home and still we're sliding around on oil spots. But hey, he's my last so I had to milk it.

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