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Jarrisa's Maternity Session

Jarissa is expecting her first little one, Zoey very soon! Despite the hot heat of the Florida summer, we walked around the gorgeous Constitution Park in Deerfield. The soon be mom and dad looking beautiful and glowing with excitement.

I could totally sympathize with a summer pregnancy, since last year I was also very pregnant with my little man. No matter what you do, there is no achieving comfort or cooling off. However, as long as the days feel, it goes by so quick. Come August 4th my little man will be turning 1 and in just a matter of days, Jarissa will be welcoming her little boy.

Constitution Park is one of my favorite spots. It's a lot to see packed into a small park. It's also known as the tree museum for all it's diverse trees and plants. During the summer the mosquitos also love it, so make sure to prepare before walking around.

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