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Shin Koihime Musou Moeshouden Game Download




Gameplay The game is played using a battle map, where two players fight each other on a grid of 3 rows by 3 columns, with one player's general on the left and the other's general on the right. During the game, each player is able to move their general up to three times to set a position on the map, as well as draw a card to determine one of the events which occur during gameplay. A notable difference between the first and second edition of Shin Koihime Musō is that the Shin Koihime Musō is played on an isometric grid, while the Shin Koihime Musō II is played on a traditional 3D grid. When it is the general's turn, a card is drawn by each player. Each card has five different symbols on them. If a symbol is matched, the general will move one space. If a player matches three cards, their opponent must discard one card. If a player draws two cards with the same symbol, that player must choose one to move and the other to discard. If a player matches four cards, they are the victor. The victor can then move his or her general to a desired position on the map. The victor is then able to place a fortified castle on an empty space and win the game. A more common occurrence is when a player draws a Castle card. If the player has placed a castle on that space, the general may move to an unoccupied space with the same number of matching cards. If the player places an unoccupied space and has a castle, he or she is able to draw a card. After a player is able to draw three Castle cards, they can place the final fortifications on the remaining squares on the map and win. If a player has no cards to discard, they may hold on to their cards, and wait for their opponent to place one. If the opponent does not place a card, then the player must discard one of their cards, and the other player may keep his or her cards. If the opponent draws a card, that player may have to discard one of his or her cards, or their opponent may be able to draw a card. After the final card has been drawn, there are seven possible outcomes. The most common outcome is that the player has no cards left to discard. The player then loses the game. If the player placed a castle on an unoccupied space, he or she may




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