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NET Service Developer Preview will be automatically updated to latest released version by that time you will get what you have downloaded. Ask HN: Software - crad Hi HN. I'm a recent engineering graduate with a bit of programming knowledge (C, Java, Python). My work is in web security, and for the last couple of years, I've been looking for ways to diversify my programming knowledge, so I can avoid job searches at the end of my tenure. I'm working on an idea that will solve a problem that I've had myself, in my spare time. Would it be wise to do the development on my own time, and get it to a beta version, and then contact a company about the possibility of working with them?Thanks! ====== albahk I would suggest reading through HN posts about "freelance" to gain an idea of how it works. Make sure you document the project as a workable proof-of-concept. It is easy to get things published online that never get any traffic. You might get some very helpful feedback on your idea from people here. I would also recommend that you add a "Show HN" at the beginning. You might be able to do this before beta. ------ citricsquid Yes, it's a good idea to get it live before you contact any companies. You can put your website live and if it works you'll have a better idea of whether you'll be able to pitch a company. In terms of making it live, you'll want to find an existing open source project that you're able to work with that will accept a pull request for you. You'll need to find a project that you're able to contribute to in the first place but that's also been around for a while, there are lots of projects that would be perfect for this. Hot Topics: Arizona club stays alive with doubleheader sweep Lunchtime doubleheader, fresh meet helps Sacred Heart men top Red Hawks By Jack Miller, Updated: 12/21/2012 06:15:07 AM EST LOWELL -- Sacred Heart will likely make a change at the top of its lineup, but the Fighting Irish were on the same page Friday in dropping a pair of games to No. 1 Lowell



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