Print Release / Terms of Sale


All images taken by Curly Girl Photography are protected by copyright
laws. It is illegal to scan, copy, print or reproduce without a release form from the photographer. All images and rights, including copyright remain the sole and exclusive property of Curly Girl Photography.

grants the client permission PRINT rights to any digital images given or bought from CGP as well as the right to display their event’s digital images online. Digital files are printable up to an 8×10 outside of the Curly Girl Photography website. Any enlargements bigger must be ordered through the Curly Girl Photography’s website. It is recommended that any size images be printed through the Curly Girl website for the best of quality. Curly Girl Photography is not responsible for any misprints or errors in printing quality done outside or with CGP’s lab services. However CGP will do her best to resolve any issues with printing if they should arise only when ordered through Curly Girl’s lab services .If displaying online CGP respectfully asks they credit Curly Girl Photography as the photographer.
Photographs edited and taken by Curly Girl Photography represent the photographer’s style and work. It is prohibited to alter, crop, or change the look of the image in any way, this includes personal app filters such as Instagram. If any alteration is desired please contact Curly Girl Photography.

Any grant of rights from Curly Girl Photography to the client is limited to their private, personal, non commercial use of the images or unless otherwise written in the photographic release form.

Unless otherwise negotiated in writing, all images taken by Curly Girl Photography may be used by CGP as advertising, display or any other purpose thought proper by Curly Girl Photography without additional compensation to the client. Inability to abide by the copyright agreement may lead up to a $25,000 per violation fine.

Aubrie Lynn Rose
Curly Girl Photography

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