My Little Valentine

This past Friday I decided it was a nice day to take my little pumpkin and head to a park for some fun Valentine-ish pictures.  We headed down to Deerfield to one of my favorite parks, Constitution Park.  The weather had been perfect all morning and of course as soon as I got done setting up, BOOM. Thunder, wind and rain clouds started to roll on in. I packed everything up and ran back to the car.  I thought maybe we’d wait it out but the rain came down hard enough to leave everything pretty soaked.  We headed home but I wasn’t ready to call it quits.

We arrived at the Boynton Inlet where Lucas, my little helper filled with smiles, helped push our wagon to the perfect portrait spot…..

Lucas has been in front of the camera since he was born. As everyone with a Facebook or Instagram account knows, his adorableness not only fills my cell phone’s photo album but my social media feeds.  So, he’s no stranger to posing and with some raisins as bribery, he listens really well.

At a year and 4 months Lucas is tackling life with all he’s got. He is developing his likes and dislikes. For example, he likes all his food separated on his plate.  Don’t you dare mix it together, he’ll push it right back at ya.  He loves his fruits and veggies but his favorite snacks are peanut butter, banana and mozzarella cheese.  Just like mommy he loves his eggs every morning, just like Dylan he loves to learn and just like daddy he’s got a stubborn streak (and a big heart).  Everyday he soaks up a ton of new information that he soon quickly spits right back out at us.

Ask him to do his scrunchy face and you’ll get something like this… (Followed by an infectious giggle) One of his favorite past times is stacking. Yup, he is a professional cup stacker. Any shape, size, color… you name it, he’s on it.  He’s also a very good cleaner upper.  In fact sometimes he cleans so well, I can’t find my things.  Maybe it’s my fault, why wouldn’t I look in my underwear drawer for my flip flop…. pfffttt.
Now if only he could teach his older brother how to clean.

Every day we go for at least 2 walks.  He loves to be out doors.  He’s learned to take me by my hand (finger or pant string) and drag me to the front door, where he places my hand on the door knob in an attempt for me to open the door and let him out onto the porch. On his way to the door he knows to find his sneakers. Once we’re out on the porch he climbs up onto the bench and hands me his sneakers to put on him.

Our morning walks are typically around the neighborhood and our afternoon walks lead us to the park where many of the community kids play after school, including big brother Dylan.

No matter what he’s up to, it’s usually accompanied by a big handsome smile.
Our little boy is growing up so quickly. Every day is such a blessing and it truly is the best thing in the world to watch him become such an amazing little man.

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