Lucas’s First Birthday Cake Smash

About a month late posting this but oh well.
As most know,  our little Lucas turned 1 on October 10th.
At his first year check up he weighed a little over 21 pounds and is 30.5 inches tall.  He got his first hair cut at a cute children’s hair cutting place called Snip Its. Nana came with us and although Lucas absolutely did not like it, I think Nana was more stressed than he was.

He has officially started to say Mama and Dada.  He babbles away while pointing at things.  He loves to play with his big brother, watching and trying to copy everything he does.  He’s such a happy kid with a thirst for learning and doing.  It’s amazing to see everything he absorbs.  Every day he learns something new.  Just like his big brother he loves his books, he flips through them and points at things. He’s started his interest in climbing. Kid proofing is more and more of a challenge.

For his first birthday we had a “pool” party at my parent’s condo down the road, although it was too windy for the pool. Whatever could go wrong, went wrong, including having to bring the cat for an emergency visit to the vet the morning of (He’s fine, he’s tough). But all in all it was a great party with great friends and family.  Lucas had a blast opening his presents, eating more cake and playing with his older friends.

He became an official walker a few days after his party. Crawling and sitting now are not options.  He loves to be chased and tickled which is great because Dylan loves to do just that. His love for baby signing time and it’s songs still goes strong despite mom’s efforts in trying to get him as obsessed with Country music.  He loves to dance to any music but baby signing time seems to be his go to for comfort.  He loves the cat and laughs at him every time he sees him.  His playing habits with him are less than gentle but the cat seems to hold its own.  He’s obsessed with the kitchen and all the cabinet doors.  Every day we pick out something new in the kitchen to play with although his real obsession is with the spice drawer.  All those spices are so much fun to shake.

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