Lucas – 9 Months

Our little pumpkin is 9 months now.  Ok he turned 9 months on July 10th, I’m a little behind but it’s been a busy summer with photo sessions and my eldest home for the summer.  I finally got a chance to catch up on Lucas’s monthly portraits. This summer he’s definitely become  a little fish. He loves the pool and the beach so I knew he’d enjoy a fun bath tub portrait session.  At first he was a little scared of the tub but once he realized the duck and bubbles were a ton of fun to play with, he didn’t want to come out (Even after he stood up and peed in the tub)

At 9 months little Lucas is feeding himself and loves almost everything he eats.  He’s not only standing up but walking himself around while holding on to things. The doctor gives him another month before he is walking on his own and chasing after his big brother.  He mimics what we do like clap, wave and even saying certain words like Mama and Dada.  He watches his brother’s every move and has recently discovered the fun of playing in Dylan’s room.

In just 3 short months this little guy will be celebrating his first birthday. It blows our mind how fast this year is going and how much this little cutie has grown.  Every day he learns something new and becomes less our little newborn and more our little boy.

2016-07-26_0008 2016-07-26_0010 2016-07-26_0009 2016-07-26_0011 2016-07-26_0007 2016-07-26_0014 2016-07-26_0012 2016-07-26_0013



Of course Sam had to get in on the action….  2016-07-26_0015

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