Lucas – A year and a half!

Our little monkey turned a year and half on April 10th.  I seriously can’t believe it.
I still remember what it felt like as he was punching away at my insides.

At a year and a half he is nothing less than a handful but oh so much fun.  He has so much personality. Always laughing and smiling.  He’s figured out how to move things around the house to climb and stand on them which has made toddler proofing even more challenging.

He’s still obsessed with his Signing Time videos. He’s learned so much from them and continues to surprise us every day with all that he’s picking up.  He can say and sign an abundance of words.
He loves to fill up his own cups of water with our water machine. He loves to help out around the house. He’s a pro at cleaning up. He’s obsessed with shoes, more so over sized ones such as mine, dada’s or big brother’s.  He loves his accessories such as his hat, bracelets and he’s warming up to sun glasses.
He’s extremely observant and catches on to things quickly. He loves baths and to swim with Nana and Bobo at their pool.  He loves the outdoors so we spend most of our days scouting out parks. Near or far, it doesn’t matter we’ll travel to check out a new slide and swing.

He’ll try and eat almost anything. However, his favorite fruit is watermelon, his favorite snack is cheese (any kind) and like the rest of the Rose boys, he dislikes tomatoes.  He’s determined to use utensils and he’s been doing really well with his fork. He loves his puzzles and gadgets. Just like his mom when she was little, he loves to push his wooden duckie or pull his plastic wagon when we go for our afternoon walks.  And don’t ever think you can let out a toot around this kid without him calling you out on it! He’ll let everyone know you did a “tinky” (stinky)

I could spend all day babbling about this little man. We all love him to pieces and enjoy watching him grow, although that really needs to stop.

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