Lucas – 8 Months

On June 10th our little Lucas turned 8 months. Seriously time… stop.
It’s amazing how every day he’s up to something new.  Just a couple days after coming home from our Jersey trip he decided he was going to sit himself up all by himself and just a couple days after that he decided it was time to start pulling himself up onto things.  He absolutely loves to grab hold of me, pull himself up and bounce up and down. He eats like a champ.  He loves chicken, eggs, cantaloupe, pineapple, avocado… so far anything we give him.
No matter how tiring my day is, I just can’t get enough of this adorable little face.
This past week he’s finally caught onto waving and loves to wave at everything, including himself.
Just yesterday he started mumbling the mum mum syllables so  I’m officially in the race to see if he says Dadda or MaMa first.   He’s discovered the door stoppers and absolutely gets a kick out of them.  The doctor thinks he’ll be walking by 10 months… not if mom can help it! Even though I absolutely love seeing him grow and learn every day I adore this age and wish I could keep him this way just a little bit longer.


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