Lucas – 11 months

To think, around this time last month we were preparing for the arrival of our little Lucas. Now he’s 11 months and we’re getting ready to celebrate his first birthday already!

At 11 months he picks up on things pretty quick. He watches us and his older brother, constantly absorbing and trying to copy.  He loves to put caps on water bottles, lids on jars and he even has figured out how to lock up the child proof locks on our drawers.
He’s a master at walking while holding on and we swear he could do it on his own if he’d just let go a little more.  He stands well on his own but when he realizes he’s doing it he gets nervous and sits down.  He’s a bottomless pit and pretty much eats anything and everything.  He’s got a an arm and loves to throw things, including his food on the floor and at the dog.  He’s mastered climbing up the dog stairs to our bed and loves to rearrange the furniture in our house, pushing it here there and everywhere.  He hates getting his diaper changed, loves giving mommy kisses, loves being chased around the room and tickled. He babbles, says mama and dada and knows the sign for more which he uses when he wants food haha.
Thanks to this little pumpkin, ever since he was born, my days start off with a big smile and no matter how crazy or hard my day is, it ends with a big smile too.
Everyday he learns something new and everyday he never ceases to amaze us.
Count down to the big O-N-E!

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