Lucas – 10 months

Little Lucas turned 10 months on August 10th.
His days are numbered as a crawler as he is determined to walk.
He loves to climb whether it’s up me as I sit on the floor, up the doggie stairs that lead to mommy & daddy’s bed or in and out of boxes and chairs.

At 10 months he mimics well. You clap your hands, he’ll clap right back. He also loves to wave and give high fives.  He’s working on giving kisses although it’s more like eating your face. He sticks his tongue out and is obsessed with playing with mommy’s lower lip as he nurses. He has found out it makes a funny noise which makes him laugh.  He loves the swings at the park and loves to watch the other kids play.

This summer he’s spent a lot of time at the pool and even went to the beach a few times.  He loves to splash in the water and is fascinated with the sand and sometimes laughs at it. He knows what he wants so he has become a little more fussy.  Take something he is playing with away and he’ll pitch a fit but is soon easily distracted with something else.  He will hang out and play with his toys by himself but he’d much rather follow me or daddy around.  He has 5 teeth, the 2 front top, 2 front bottom and another one on the top right. So far there isn’t a thing he won’t eat and while eating he talks and hums.

He loves to FaceTime his Nanna and Bobo (yes grandpa Jerry insists on being called bobo) and can’t wait for them to come visit again real soon. Nana and I have already started to plan his first birthday.

As exhausting the days are, running around after a 10 month old. They are filled with so much love and laughter.  When 9pm rolls around I think to myself, ok I’m ready for him to go to bed. My husband picks him up and over his shoulder I see Lucas, watching me grow farther and farther away as he gets carried off to bed. Despite the exhaustion, watching him head off to bed breaks my heart a little knowing I won’t get to hug and kiss him until morning.

I may be biased but I think this little pumpkin is just so darn cute……

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