Bevilacqua Family

When Taryn contacted me and said she wanted to dress herself and her daughter up in tutus I couldn’t wait to schedule their photo session!
Little miss Victoria is no stranger to the camera and it sure shows. She loved posing for me whether it was doing what I suggested or coming up with her own adorable positions.  Dressed up in her little “corona” she was nothing less of a pretty princess.
I hope to see this adorable family again soon… in the mean time enjoy their sneak peak đŸ˜‰

2016-06-26_0010 2016-06-26_0011 2016-06-26_0012 2016-06-26_0017 2016-06-26_0016 2016-06-26_0015

2016-06-26_0009 2016-06-26_0014

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