Carly & Michael

I absolutely adore this beautiful couple. Carly and Michael compliment one another wonderfully, right down to their playful personalities.  When Carly contacted me and told me they were going to surprise their parents by getting married I couldn’t wait to be apart of this wonderful event.  Then she told me they were going to have the ceremony at the gorgeous Sundy House in downtown Delray and I was ready to go right then and there.

The afternoon of their wedding, weather was a little shaky. It had been raining and thundering on and off all day. Despite the uncertain weather, when I arrived to Carly’s bridal suite she seemed calm and was full of smiles and glowing. I later found out there was more to her glow, her and her fiancé were expecting a little miracle. A miracle in deed as Carly was once told she wouldn’t be able to have kids.  When Carly told me their story I was almost in tears and knew no matter what the weather brought, this was going to be a wonderful day.

If you ask the couple how they met, you’re going to get two sides of the story. However, no matter how different the stories they both have the same “romantical” ending. Boy sees girl. Details may vary. Boy falls in love with girl. Boy asks girl to marry him and  both live happily ever after.

Best wishes to Carly & Michael. Enjoy their sneak peak…

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